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Chapter 5 - Preparation

Vessel Check List

Looking out over the bowWe have discussed in the previous section all of the required equipment for a safe outing. In addition to the minimum requirements, common sense tells us that we should check everything about our boat which could make the difference between an enjoyable recreation or a disaster.

We all use recreation to reward ourselves or to help relieve the stress of our day-to-day lives. Because it is not an everyday occurrence and because of the mere excitement involved, it is possible that we could overlook something which could be critical to the safety of our trip. Just as pilots have a pre-flight checklist, we, too, should have a pre-departure check list. It just makes it simple to go down the list and check each item. This could prevent an unpleasant event or even save lives.

Here is a sample pre-departure check list that can be modified for use on your particular boat.

Skipper's Passenger Safety Orientation:

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